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What Is Fit On Raw?

The Basics

Fit On Raw is just how it sounds…being fit on the raw food diet. If you stick around, you’ll learn exactly what you need to know to go raw the right way.

When you visit Fit On Raw, I want you to be astounded by both the quantity AND quality of information available.  Everything you need to know about going raw and staying fit is presented in a reasonable, practical, and straightforward manner.

After reading just one article posted on the Fit On Raw blog or spending a few minutes skimming through the free raw food report or digesting one lesson of the free transition email course, I want you to have both the desire and ability to immediately improve your health with raw foods.

Getting Started

If a raw food diet is new to you, I recommend signing up for my free report The 4 Principles of a Healthy Raw Diet here. Read through the report as soon as you can and don’t forget to check out the first lesson of the 5-week mini-course The Fool-Proof Transition to Raw as well.

Once you’ve gotten a grasp on the basics, expand your raw food wisdom with the 300+ free articles/videos on the Fit On Raw blog. Here are some to get you started.

1) Everything You Know About Protein is Wrong

2) The #1 Rule for Healthy Raw Food Weight Loss

3) The Truth About a High-Fat Raw Food Diet

4) Sweet Fruit: The Other Carbohydrate

5) Proof That a Raw Fruit Diet Does NOT Cause High Blood Sugar

6) The True Cause of High Blood Sugar

Taking Things a Step Further

Looking for healthy, tasty, and simple raw food recipes? Check out my all-raw recipe e-book Low Fat, Fruit Filled, High Fun Raw Recipes here.

Looking to eradicate your cooked food cravings for good? Check out my cravings-crushing program How to Conquer Your Cooked Food Cravings here.

Looking for the education, motivation, and support you need to go and STAY raw? Check out the Rawkin’ Raw Club here.

Who is Fit On Raw?

Swayze Foster

My HeadshotFit On Raw is the “brainchild” of me, Swayze Foster.  My interest in diet and fitness began early on in an attempt to release excess weight.  After years of struggling with anemia, restless leg syndrome, and “those last 10 pounds,” I finally stumbled upon the raw food diet in late 2007.

I have been actively living and avidly promoting a low-fat, high-fruit raw vegan diet ever since.

In May 2007, my love of animals convinced me to start my own successful pet sitting business.  I currently have four beautiful raw-fed pets: one Border collie and three adult domestic tabby cats.

My formal studies include a bachelor’s degree in philosophy (with a minor in anthropology) from the University of Memphis.