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Check Out What Fit On Raw Readers and Customers Are Saying


“This eBook just proves that you can have healthy delicious meals in little time! GREAT!”

Hi Swayze,

After downloading and trying some of the recipes from your eBook, I just wanted to let you know how much I like this little book. :-)

Just as you wrote before, I am also one of those people who like to keep things simple (well to be honest, sometimes I’m just darn lazy…) and most of the time I enjoy my fruit plain as it is.. But then from time to time I want to have a “proper” meal and not just some bananas.

And when this happens I love to look through your eBook and choose one of the many mouth-watering dishes in there. It’s great to see that you can have a nice yummy and exciting new dish without spending more than 5 minutes in the kitchen (as I told you, I’m lazy… ;-)!

I really enjoyed the SWEET ‘N SALTY SLAW and the BANANAS IN A BLANKET. And the CARAMEL CAMEL DIP just nailed the spot when I was craving something sweet and candy-like on a freezing winter’s night (hmmm – now that’s what I call healthy for the soul!) And as soon as I find some plantains in Germany I’m definitely gonna make the PLANTAIN PUDDING you showed in your video!

This eBook just proves that you can have healthy delicious meals in little time! GREAT!

Thanks for making this book!


P.S. If you ever plan to publish a second edition: it would be awesome to have pictures of each recipe in the book as well – that would make them even more mouth-watering!


“I’ve tried several of the recipes and I’m truly amazed.”

Dear Swayze

Thanks so much for creating LOW FAT, FRUIT FILlED, HIGH FUN RAW RECIPES. I’ve tried several of the recipes and I’m truly amazed. Such a simple recipe like GRAPEFRUIT BANANA PUNCH, I totally thought I knew what it would taste like and much to my amazement it was so much more tasty, creamy and so delicious. THE BITTER WITH THE SWEET GREEN SALAD was so delightful with all its variety of flavours and I love the ideaf of orange juice as a dressing.

I particularly like the way you included a 7-Day Meal Plan. It gives me a good idea of the calories per recipe and it demonstrates a good way to distribute them throughout the day.

Looking forward to trying more!


Suzanne Mouflier
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


“Thanks again for offering such a fabulous book — and at such a great price.”

Dear Swayze,

I am sooooo happy that I decided to purchase your e-book!

You did a fabulous job putting it together. It’s hard to know where to begin my praises — I know…the recipes of course :)

Even though I’ve been eating completely lfrv for well over 3 years, I can always appreciate a fresh idea. I especially loved the PLANTAIN PUDDING (never had enjoyed plantains til I tried this one!) the SWEET AND SALTY SLAW (gotta love The Date People) and the CARAMEL CAMEL DIP (great for parties). From the savory section, the RED CURRANT PASTA was a novel idea for me (and delicious) and the RADICALLY RAW PIZZA proved to be a great hit around my place!

I really appreciate all the contributors’ notes and your tips — they give you the extra know-how to make the recipes come out perfect.

Your meal plans look great and I would recommend them to anyone, especially newbies who may need to see how it all looks in real life.

Also, thanks for introducing us to your contributors — a nice, personal touch.

So, Swayze, thanks agains for offering such a fabulous book — and at such a great price.

If you ever travel to South Florida, please do get in touch –  it would be great to meet you!

All blessings to you,


P.S. Oh, I don’t want to forget to thank you for including the link to the recipe photos — I was drooling before I ever made it to the kitchen!!


“Low Fat, Fruit Filled, High Fun Raw Recipes really helped me figure out what to do!”

Dear Swayze,

When I first heard about becoming raw, it was hard to figure out just what to eat.

I would look through recipe books and all I would get is recipes involving a dehydrator or other pricey equipment, and I know I can’t just eat 10 bananas! The LOW FAT, FRUIT FILLED, HIGH FUN RAW RECIPES really helped me figure out what to do! I just love the RADICALLY RAW PIZZA! I’m glad I bought it and I thank you for putting it together!


Shayla Stagg
Cameron, Texas, USA


“Just wonderful fresh ingredients.”


Thanks so much for this compilation of great recipes. :)

I’m glad to have found a raw ebook with no need to dehydrate anything or eat a salad with a gallon of oil and a mountain of salt.  Just wonderful fresh ingredients.

I especially love the COCONUT SUPREME.

All the best,

Dave J
Sydney, Australia



“The sweet dips!!! Hmmmm. They really make everything taste so much better.”


Thank you so much for the recipes – they have really helped me to get over a little raw food rut, or a hump, of just eating the same thing day in and day out and, inevitably, getting bored of it. The sweet dips!!! Hmmmm. They really make everything taste so much better.

I haven’t had a chance to try each and every recipe, but I do know that when faced with a (self-imposed) choice of a really plain salad or a savoury veggie stew (both good choices) but feel fed up with both, I can flip through your recipes and give myself plenty more options.

Thank you so much for creating these really helpful and healthful recipes for your ‘devotees’. You are my favourite raw food dude! By a streaky mile. Don’t tell the others!

My very best wishes and many thanks for your continued support on my raw journey.


Jenn L
Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland


“One recipe…that was a big hit was the CREAMY CASHEW DRESSING.”

Hi Swayze,

I’m on week three in the transition phase of easing into the low fat, high fruit raw food diet.

One recipe from “LOW FAT, FRUIT FILLED, HIGH FUN RAW RECIPES” that was a big hit was the CREAMY CASHEW DRESSING. I added red bell pepper and creamed it together, then spooned it on top of some very lightly steamed veggies that I shared with my husband for a dinner meal. It was a very cool transition point and gave our meal some zip (plus, he really liked it).

Tonight, I’m going to try the TOMATO CORN SALAD on him.

Susan White Rose
Boulder Creek, California, USA


“The recipes are exactly what I needed.”

Dear Swayze:

I came to your web site from Frederic Patenaude’s and immediately knew you were my answer. I ordered your recipe book and 5 week plan, etc.

The recipes are exactly what I needed. I was having trouble going ‘fat free without cravings’ in order to reduce candida, and the recipes are allowing my to do that.

My favorites so far are BANANA’S FOSTER SMOOTHIE (better than icing which is my downfall), SWEET CHELERY SMOOTHIE, I now use celery in all sorts of unexpected ways, and CONFETTI COLESLAW using Chinese cabbage for the high calcium.

Thanks for coming into my life.

R Ja
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


“Your Low Fat, Fruit Filled cookbook and you have helped me know a better way of eating.”

Hi Swayze,

Your Low Fat, Fruit Filled cookbook and you have helped me know a better way of eating. I was on the Blood Type diet (0+) and was told that I was to eat tons of meat and eggs and vegetable proteins. O I was feeling so tired and had lots of acne and joint problems.

Then I came across your website and what a blessing you have been to me. I have been on your fruit filled meals for almost 3 weeks now and have lost 10 lbs. I am still a little weak feeling but am learning how much fruit and greens that are filling my needs.

Thank you for the blog on the water consumption and being thirsty. I was not feeling thirsty and as wondering why? My belly is not feeling as bloated now that I don’t have to drink 6-8 glasses of water now too. I am still having a lot of cravings but as money permits i can purchase some of your other books also to help me with this.

Thank you so much for your support and your knowledge. Keep the encouragement coming.

LeeAnn Morris, Certified Massage Therapist
Sheridan, Michigan


“…I am losing weight and have more energy and a colleague made a comment about my rosy checks, I must be glowing!”

Hello Swayze

Thank you for your follow up email. My name is Sarah and my partners name is Tom.

We have been keen about eating healthy for a couple of years at least. We first began juicing for breakfast but I always felt hungry a few hours later. I used to snack on cereal bars and fruit and nut packets thinking they were healthy! and you guessed it a few hours later I was hungry again.

Thankfully we heard about a vitamix and finally purchased one. That’s when I found your website looking for green smoothie recipes. Everything in your guide to raw made sense. We were already eating fruit for breakfast, now due to your input I make sure not to skimp on the fruit especially bananas. (I don’t get hungry until at least lunchtime).

Lunchtime was always a nause, wondering what to eat, I work in retail so need something quick to prepare, I used to rely on sandwiches and crisps :-(

When I suggested to my partner that we eat fruit for lunch, he was surprisingly excited. So now we have fruit for lunch too.

Fruit for dinnertime is ongoing, we have managed it on a couple of occasions, hence why I downloaded your recipe book.

So far we have made RED CURRANT PASTA which was delicious apart from the cucumbers being very watery and I made the noodles too small. Next time I am going to try making cucumber citrus noodles. Last night we made CONFETTI COLESLAW and we both really enjoyed it, for lunch today we are having melon salad.

I am noticing the benefits of not eating sandwiches, I am losing weight and have more energy and a colleague made a comment about my rosy checks, I must be glowing!

We are not 100% raw, I am going to take it slowly but with your help I think I will make it.

Look forward to more of your newsletters.

Kind regards,

Sarah Judd
Portishead, Bristol, England


“…I really liked the simple and easy to prepare recipes. I can easily see this book being a go-to option for me!”

Dear Swayze,

I recently purchased LOW FAT, FRUIT FILLED, HIGH FUN RAW RECIPES to assist me with my transition into a primarily raw fruit and vegetable diet.

For someone who doesn’t really enjoy making meals and gets stressed trying to think of what to eat, I really liked the simple and easy to prepare recipes. I can easily see this book being a go-to option for me!


Kristina Bruce
Toronto, ON, Canada


“I’ve really enjoyed finding how simple it can be making delicious raw meals.”

Dear Swayze,

I’ve really enjoyed finding how simple it can be making delicious raw meals. Learning a range of recipes has allowed me how to combine into a delicious meal whatever fresh fruits and vegetables I happen to have on hand. The principles and lessons you sent way back when, combined with a variety of practical examples, have helped me eat the way I have been wanting to for some time.

Also, Browsing through LOW FAT, FRUIT FILLED, HIGH FUN RAW RECIPES has encouraged me to began making up my own tasty recipes. You should start a forum where people who have purchased your books can share raw recipes!


Paul Regier
Norman, OK


“the ‘Radically Raw Pizza’ has my tastebuds sparked with intrigue!”

Hey Swayze!

Cheers for your message about sending a testimonial on your e-book.

Would first of all love to say a huge thanks for all the information you so freely share … rawfoodexplained.com, especially, has been a real juicy gem of inspiration for me as I’ve transitioned into the lfrv diet and Natural Hygiene. Thank you! :)

Your Low Fat, Fruit Filled, High Fun Raw Recipes e-book is full of fruity favourites that I am excited to play with (the ‘Radically Raw Pizza’ has my tastebuds sparked with intrigue!).

One thing I am finding is that many of the recipes call for tomatoes and/or bell peppers, and I am real sensitive to the nightshades … so trying to give those a miss for now. Would be great to have some alternatives/replacements.

This was also the case with Frederic’s salad dressings e-book (which is also fab, and I’m amazed at how many recipes were included).

Anywho, not looking for any kind of refund or freebies, just wanted to share some feedback and send some luv!

With gratitude and joy,



“thank you so much for your website and wonderful recipes, I have released approx. 10lb in three weeks!”

Hello Swayze,

I purchased your ebooks a couple of weeks ago, and really love them. I have been craving something savoury & was thrilled with the Salad dressings and the salads.

It’s easier with someone like you to help with starting out on raw. I have tried raw before, well a few months ago, but friends’ kept asking me out for dinner etc and I weakened and went with them.

But now, I am back on track and feeling well and happy. I have already started fitting into jeans that I couldn’t zip up before Christmas!! And now I have some exciting new recipes from your books, I know I will go on eating raw for life.

I now have a salad if I go out with friends, and just water. Or I take my datorade, which amazes everyone, some even ask how to make it.

As I am in Australia, I can’t always get the items in your recipes, but I get the main things and can usually find a substitute, except for the Jicama! I really don’t know anything about this one, what could be used instead?

But, thank you so much for your website and wonderful recipes, I have released approx. 10lb in three weeks! I am so excited about it all, can’t wait to get into more of my too small clothes.

Will be eagerly waiting for your next message. Thank you , thank you, thank you!!

Sydney, Australia


If you would like to learn more about my healthy and delicious raw recipe book Low Fat, Fruit Filled, High Fun Raw Recipesclick here!


“I no longer feel that uncontrollable urge to eat cooked foods. And finally, FINALLY, I feel happy.”

I’ve battled with anorexia, bulimia, depression, and panic attacks since I was a teenager. I truly feared that I was destined to spend the rest of my life miserable, exercising obsessively, and restricting my calories. I often contemplated suicide as a way to end my suffering.

Going vegetarian, then vegan, and then (high fat) raw were great steps to healing my mind and body – and really crucial transitions for my “all or nothing” personality. I cure myself of pani attacks and I was able to get off medication.

But I still felt miserable most of the time, was still desperate to lose weight, was still totally confused about diet and was wildly swinging between a restricted calorie diet and bingeing on any and all vegan food I could get my hands on. And, I was still plagued with thoughts of death.

But… the magic really happened when I went low fat, high fruit raw vegan. Your book is so thorough and detailed, and yet sends such a clead and simple message! When I made a conscious effort to eat more fruit – that’s when miracles happened.

I no longer feel the need to restrict and binge and purge. I no longer feel that uncontrollable urge to eat cooked food. And finally, FINALLY, I feel happy. I no longer thing about “ending my misery”. I have goals, I feel that my life has purpose. I am so much calmer in my interactions with others – and people around me really notice the change. I feel like a whole new person.

And this all came about thanks to your message Swayze, to EAT MORE FRUIT. Thanks again for the ebook.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


“Everything is falling into place.”

I just want to say how happy I am that I came across your site first when I began my quest for finding out more about a raw food lifestyle.

I am pretty sure that if I had come across any other, I would have been one of those people making raw pizzas and burgers, not getting enough nutrition and after the pink cloud (which could have lasted about 2 days). I would sneakily be finding ways of introducing cooked or non-nutritious foods back into my diet, which would then lead to guilt and failure.

Finding your method first has meant I’ve been raw for 7 days, with cravings, yes, but with cravings that are always satiated with fruit, and as much as I want until that potential nasty voice shuts up. It’s early days but it feels very different this time.

Everything is falling into place. The boundaries are so clear and when the boundaries start to blur I just eat fruit and that question becomes irrelative.

I love the way you write. Clear, motivational, down-to-Earth. I listen to the audio files in bed so the tutoring is repeated over and over.

You are very inspirational and accessible, thank you.



“I couldn’t believe how it worked almost instantly.”

Hi Swayze,

I just want to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your ebooks!

I have been on and off the raw diet for a couple of years and was getting really frustrated at how easily I would fall off the wagon. Over time it got easier to stay on longer but no matter what I did I couldn’t last longer than a couple of months. I found myself eating a ton of nuts and lots and lots of salads but very little fruit.

I’m always online trying to educate myself on the raw diet and came across your website. I was hesitant at first to buy the books because I felt like I was spending so much on money on trying to be raw and this would be another thing I would spend money on with no results.

Anyway needless to say I was so curious that I bought it along with the recipes and am really happy I did! I was a little skeptical about the whole fruit thing at first but decided to go along with it anyway. I couldn’t believe how it worked almost instantly. Sometimes I found myself getting hungry and not feeling like fruit but ate it to see what would happen and I honestly got full with no cravings for anything else.

I love salads and still enjoy eating a lot of them but stuffing myself with fruit the first part of the day and filling up on the calories has really helped me stay on track!

I did fall off on Christmas Day and only because I am the only raw person in the family and felt like it would just be easier to mess up that day and get back on without having to defend myself about not eating what everyone else was. However it had nothing to do with craving any of the cooked food which I was really happy about!!!

So thank you for putting this info out there and helping struggling raw foodists like me stay on track :)

Tania Mackertichian


“I am able to fit into my size 2 jeans again and getting better daily!”


I have tried the Zone diet, Adkins diet and I continued to have health problems with weight gain I blamed on menopause. I was having problems sleeping and stressed with candida on top! Who would have thought that eating fruits and veggies would help me feel better and lose 25 lbs! I am hooked.

I started this adventure Memorial Day 2010 and going as much as almost 100% raw just seemed to work for me. My husband wants me to organize the kitchen with my dehydrator, Vita-mix , Juicer etc. I am trying to convince him to get rid of the microwave oven! LOL!

He is still stuck on popcorn and wonders why he gets a sore throat the next day. He is sharing with me the juicing, salads and green smoothies. He also surprised me with door-to-door organics which is a service in my area where they deliver goods on your doorstep weekly.

I am able to fit into size 2 jeans again and getting better daily! Thank you for your e-books. I am pleased to see that I am not following other family members into diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and arthritis!

Cynthia Cupal


“It was all very refreshing, liberating, and positive. Thank you for this brilliant and amazing book.

Dear Swayze,

Just a quick note to thank you for writing this very much needed book in the raw food movement. It is insightful, practical and inspiring. It is solution-oriented and addresses most if not all of the difficulties encountered on this raw diet path, whether of a practical, emotional or psychological nature.

I love that you wrote this book based on your own trials and errors and success. I certainly could relate and see myself going through the process/difficulties, having tried to stay 100% low-fat raw vegan for many years now.

Another thing that I appreciated was the respect and room for everyone’s choices and decisions. No dogma, or judgment for any slip-ups either. No fanatism or criticism… either. It was all very refreshing, liberating, and positive.

There is quite a good deal of practical information which is of tremendous help in day-to-day living. Invaluable for me was making a list of “pros” and “cons” of following such a diet, as you suggest. Somehow, new “determining and vital” reasons for doing so came up during the exercise and after. And it helped to see through some of the cons.

Of paramount importance for me also was the questions/answers section at the end. It addressed all the problems/issues I encounter at some point on a raw food diet in different circumstances and provided most helpful and useful tips/strategies.

Extremely significant also was the connection made between sugar-fat-salt combinations and addictions.

I can’t thank you enough so much this has been helpful. All I can say is the last three days have been low fat raw vegan. We’ll see what happens… Whether there will be success or not, I don’t know. But I feel more realistic as to the challenge (thank you for bursting my pink cloud), better prepared and equipped mentally and practically, and confident.

Thank you for this brilliant and amazing book.

Montreal, Quebec


“After my first green smoothie my eyesight improved! No cravings and I went raw vegan without a problem.”


I purchased that program for education purposes to teach others going from a SAD diet to a plant based eating program. I want as much information as I can get in order to support their journey.

My own journey started many years ago and ended in disaster. It restarted in November 2011 in earnest because of a threat by my ND/MD. If I didn’t clean up my bad eating habits I would be dead within 5 years or less. So, because he is a raw vegan and highly recommended green smoothies and juicing and such, I had a major supporter to going back to eating raw. After my first green smoothie my eyesight improved! No cravings and I went raw vegan without a problem.

I am now on the 5th day of a 92 day Juice Feast and doing great. I have a lot of support, including your site. I’ve joined 2 sites for juicing, 1 of which is JuiceFeasting.com.

I feel your site is incredible and value your input.

Thank you

Karen Sinclair


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“I am so pleased with myself for joining your Rawkin’ Raw Club!

Dear Swayze,

I am so pleased with myself for joining your Rawkin’ Raw Club! Usually, I’m too busy to keep up with newsletters and such, and I actually become annoyed sometimes with the amount of communications in my Inbox.

But your videos, newsletters, emails, recipes, etc. have been so informative and so interesting that I actually look forward to seeing your name in my Inbox.

I’m also pleased that you have generously guided me to other knowledgeable raw (or semi-raw) foodists from whom I can also learn about health-related issues.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the research that you do. I am a very detail-oriented person, and I appreciate the empirical data and the supportive documentation that you include in your articles because it helps me buy into the testimonials and the general message.

I also appreciate your video presentations because they illuminate your sincerity and your dedication to your life style.

Thank you.

Sherina Tiberia
New Castle PA


“I belong to several other raw forums and and clubs. I must say that I enjoy your simple, honest approach the best.”

Hi Swayze,

I hope that this email finds you doing well.

I have to say that I have truly enjoyed RAWKIN’ RAW!. I belong to several other raw forums and and clubs. I must say that I enjoy your simple, honest approach the best.

Some of the other programs out there provide great entertainment value, so I’ve started grouping them with other entertainment sites like youtube, humor.com etc. Some of the other sites bombard you with so much information (a lot of it not even pertinent to being raw) that I have lost interest.

Yet other sites “preach” against the concepts other GURUs are pushing, yet turn around and sale the same crap in their online stores. That makes it very hard to trust anything that they say.

I do understand the need to make money, so I PRAY with all my heart that you are reaching your financial goals without betraying your principles.

Keep up the good work Swayze. I look forward to seeing more of you “IN THE RAW” :)

Marc Simmons


“You are a godsend in the raw world to me and many others.”

Hi Swayze,

Out of about 30 sources on raw you are at the top. You have a fresh way of presenting the obvious facts about eating according to the way we were meant to eat. Every time I read something of yours or watch a video, I learn something or confirm something. How remakable is that?

You are a godsend in the raw world to me and many others. I’m not just blowing smoke up your pipes! I really mean this. I recommend others to your site and will do so in the future.

I am starting a plant-based nutrition mentoring business this May and will use much of what you have taught me to teach others.

I have returned to raw vegan since last November and it has been smooth sailing in part because of what you do.

Thank you!

Karen Sinclair
Boise, Idaho


“I like the Rawkin Raw Club newsletter for many reasons.”

Hi Swayze,

I like the Rawkin Raw Club newsletter for many reasons. The manner in which you present the subject matter really catches my attention.

I especially enjoyed the discussion on Fasting since I have experienced fasting long term and short term. The longest water only fast that I have done is 19 days unsupervised.

I enjoy short term fasting the most. My favorite is a 36 hour fast where I don’t eat after dinner on day 1, fast on day 2 and resume eating at breakfast on day 3.

Judy Arquette
Logsden, Oregon


“Anyone that follows your approach will heal and thrive.”


I like it. I am surprised more people are not signed up but know they eventually will be when I understand the value. Anyone that follows your approach will heal and thrive. For me personally, it is clear now, with the coaching and using cronometer, I was malnourished, plain and simple. Now, with ample vitamin D, exercise, and this approach, I can do this and will reverse my osteoporosis, I am sure of it.

I have not spent a whole lot of time in the rawkin raw area and await some responses still and would like to learn more about case studies and specific conditions. The easy thing of this food style is, what we are adding to the diet is important but what we are eliminating from the diet is equally important. For me, I am fine tuning a raw diet and eliminating fats and salt mostly, but others, have a lot more work.
We according to nature, what could be better. And, we are blessed to be in the environment that can support this unlike most people in the world.

In the discussions, I would like to learn more about cancer and osteoporosis recoveries. I am into these especially since I deal with cancer patients a lot and myself I have osteoporosis. I also have lots of chrons and colitis and I just can not get them to follow David Klein or Paul Nison, both whom recovered from these conditions with raw foods.

I will continue to think about this and look around more too to give more feedback.

All the best. I look forward to month 2 of coaching, yahoo!!!!!!!

Joe Lucier


“I look forward to visiting the site every day for updates and to just review over and over again all the different sections for support and reinforcement.”

Dear Swayze,

Thank You so verily muchily for creating the Rawkin Raw Club as it has been very great support sofar in so many ways.

To begin with “The R.A.W.K.I.N.G. Way to Go Raw” bonus video was very cute and the way you explained everything really made everything very clear and simple and easy to follow and understand with your graphs and facts and pictures and research etc. etc.

Secondly, I liked your bonus videos of how you take your members step by step and in detail of making a “Super Savory Salad” and the different variations one can implement also and then the details of all written below also. Same also with the bonus video of your “Super Purple Smoothie” as I’ve made both the salad and smoothie dozens of times sofar and they are both out of this world delicious. :)

Thirdy. your Resource section is very useful with all of your recommendations, and i have purchased as well as have been given as gifts from good supportive people several of your recommendations and they have all been very helpful lotsa. :)

Fourthly, your Forum area is set up very thoroughly and nicely with all the different sections one can go to for information and support. I very muchly like/appreciate your promptness in responding to all of the posts on there :)

Fifthly, the monthly newsletters in which you have done thorough research on various topics are most very interesting, and then you back them up with a monthly video and question in the forum which is also very interesting and nice too. :) It is also very helpful and convenient to receive an actual physical copy in one’s home mailbox of the newletter every month also.

Last but certainly not least :) are the Bi-Monthly Q & A Calls in which we can personally talk to you as well as send in any questions. Nice to hear your sweet caring voice on the calls Swayze :)

In conclusion, you have thought out the club very well and done an upmost very thorough and caring job. I look forward to visiting the site every day for updates and to just review over and over again all the different sections for support and reinforcement. I view the club as my ‘virtual family’ so to say and you as a very good virtual friend as I feel like I’ve really connected to you in all ways as you are such a caring, down-to-earth, sweet soul to say the least. :)

Thank You again and again and again Swayze many times over and over :)

Many many sweet fruity blessings forever and ever atya ;)

Heidi Lui
Medford, New Jersey


“The Rawkin’ Raw Club is AWESOME!”

Dear Swayze,

The Rawkin’ Raw Club is AWESOME! I am so glad that I came across your web page =) I have been following a low fat raw vegan diet for the past 4 months and I would not have been able to do it without your support.

Coming with a history of disordered eating I really appreciate all the information that you provide through the Rawkin’ Raw Club. You somehow manage to sort through all the confusing information out there about raw food (and nutrition in general) and provide solid well researched recommendations for your members.

You also have this uncanny way of answering the very questions that I encounter along this wonderful raw food journey that I have embarked upon. Until I saw your video about what a ripe banana actually looks like, I was busy creating some major digestive problems for myself :P

Every time I post a question on your forum I receive an answer right away – usually from you yourself – that is well researched and based on solid science. Being the only one amongst my friends and family eating this way, having access to an online community of like-minded people has been a true blessing.

Thank you!


Edmonton, AB, Canada


If you would like to learn more about my Rawkin’ Raw Club, click here!


Bless your heart for putting a FREE guide to raw freedom on the net, and offering to help me! I just joined and I can’t believe I’m speaking to the person that put out all this wonderful information!

I went to a website on Friday that spoke about a lady who lost a lot of weight and she was very unhealthy. I’m 5ft4 and I’m 200 lbs (since I gave birth to my daughter last year), and I’m not used to this weight at all.  I’ve been busy, and I like to run, but I haven’t been able to consistently do those things. I know we eat pasta in my family and cheese a lot, especially since we don’t do flesh of any kind in our home.

This is a wonderful way for me to lose weight and also live a healthier lifestyle so that I may incorporate the children in it as well, and my husband. I’m now tasting everything and lovnig it, and feeling good, like I did in my days as a vegan! I feel awesome!

Thank you for helping me do these things the right way.


“This site is clear, concise, and helpful and a powerful resource to support the raw lifestyle.”

I have only just begun the Fit on Raw course and I am already learning so much. It is reassuring to not just have another raw food “expert” try to sell me something powdered, from the rainforest, and incredibly expensive.

One of the reasons I chose this diet was for the simplicity, and Fit on Raw is really showing me how to apply the ideas to keep it simple. I was surprised by the amount of fruit I could and should eat, but even after this short time I can already feel the difference: my cravings for cashew cheese pate and dehydrated crackers is lessening, and my desire for cooked food is nil.

I am an experienced raw foodist, I have all the equipment and I have taken classes at a recognized school, but Swazye’s information is the first to hit home. This site is clear, concise, and helpful and a powerful resource to support the raw lifestyle.



I know this is not what you asked, but I have to tell you that after being on your excellent site yesterday I was inspired which lead to a very satisfying experience with my grandchildren. I spent most of the day with the younger three (9, 7, & 4) while my daughter went with the oldest on a wilderness hike to swim in a remote mountain lake.

First we went to the organic produce stand ($$!), and they picked out a great variety of fruit. We washed hands and fruit, cut it up into a big bowl, set it in the middle of the table, and we all ate right out of the bowl. They thought that was a blast, we laughed (and fussed) about who got the most raspberries, etc. They devoured the fruit, told me they were “full” when the bowl was nearly empty and seemed to be satisfied for hours after lunch. They were also in a very agreeable mood the rest of the afternoon.

Today they asked when we could have another fruit lunch. That is music to my ears, wish I could get them to eat more like this and less harmful food. But that’s a whole other challenge.

Thanks for the site and all the information I really appreciate the guidance. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work!


“Thanks for making this easy for me!”

I have read your report, printed it, placed it in a binder, and I love it!

I am a 56 year old woman who was first introduced to food combining in the early 80′s when I read  ”The Beverly Hills Diet.”  I lost weight, and changed my eating habits for about a year.  Then I went back to my old ways.  I also bought “Fit for Life”, but never got past the first couple of chapters.

Then I heard about raw food veganism, and I always felt that it was the optimal way to eat. I became voracious, reading everything I could get my hands on, from the frivolous to the scientific, and I think I have been able to weed out the good from the bad and the ugly.  But I’m still learning.

I’m somewhat of a purist, so I am the one who mostly wears natural fibers, reduce what I use, reuse what I can, and recycle what I must.  I give my plant-based food scraps to my gardening friends, and have thought about a worm farm and gardening myself.  However, I had been failing miserably regarding raw foods.

Then I visited a naturopath who told me that I had too much yeast in my body.  I was truly a choco- and sugarholic.  I developed an incessant, itchy rash under my arms, and the bottoms of my feet started to peel and shed.  My energy level was at a standstill, and was always blowing my nose and rubbing my watery eyes. So I did all the things she told me but one: I cut out all fermented  (anything containing vinegar) and fungal (cheeses, mushrooms) foods from my diet.  But I did NOT eliminate fruit.  In about two weeks my craving for sugar subsided.  Greasy fried chicken is another story, but I’m working on it!

I am slowly transitioning to a totally raw diet. My stove stopped working, and I see no immediate need to replace it.  I eat fish or chicken about two or three times a week, using a hot plate or my toaster oven, but I must admit I do feel “polluted” afterwards, especially when I eat chicken, whether baked, fried, or roasted. My beautiful All Clad pots and pans are of no use to me, except for the now rare occasions when I steam veggies.

I appreciate your user-friendly, no-nonsense, easy to read “4 Princlples”!  I was truly having a hard time eating enough fruit, because there are many that I either do not like, or can only eat a little before I feel as though I am taking medicine.  Right now, this summer, I am eating a watermelon about every other day.  And for fruits like strawberries, blueberries and raspberries…I just put them in a smoothie if I don’t want to eat them.

I was also having a problem with salad dressings.  Now thanks to you I know that 80-90% of my daily consumption should come from sweet fruit!  And I can stay away from excess fat, even olive or other plant based oils.  I am still discovering ways to enjoy the greens that are best for me, and how to prepare them in ways that I like.  Right now I am experimenting with lettuce wraps, gazpacho, Pico de Gallo and Salsa Verde.

Thanks for making this easy for me!  I also look forward to your newsletters!



I read your report and found it easy to understand. I have tried going raw before and fell off the “band wagon”, but now with your easy approach and lots of fruit I have been Raw again and doing well.

~Darcy Comandante

“So thank you, thank you, thank you for your website, blog and newsletter.”

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to respond to these e-mails, but I felt compelled to this morning.  This e-mail is so timely.  I am somewhat of an all-or-nothing kind of gal.  So when I read week one of your five-week transition plan, I thought, But I don’t want to go slowly.  I want to go 100% NOW!  Well, that’s when I get in trouble.  Because I have the all-or-nothing mentality, when I even take a small bite of something that’s not Raw, I quickly plummet to the “nothing” side since I wasn’t giving it my “all.”

So I went to bed last night after eating extremely unhealthily yesterday, and I felt terrible physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I decided to start over today with the raw breakfast for a week.  I knew I needed to slow it down, and your e-mail this morning confirms that for me.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for your website, blog and newsletter.



Hi Swayze!  I am enjoying your newsletters so much:)  I love your step by step approach.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  YOU RAWK GIRL!!

~Janene Block

“I’ve lost 108 lbs. since 8/24/08 and feel like a new woman.  I never dreamed when wearing size 24′s that I’d be a size 6 in just over a year!”

I love your blogs and emails and I love eating tons of fruit!  I used to only eat it in the mornings, but now I eat it all day until supper when I have a large salad and some lightly steamed veggies.  I’m so glad someone on Peertrainer posted a link to your site a few months ago, and that I followed it.

I’ve learned so much from all the info you have posted and emailed, so many, many thanks!  Yes, you “pass” with full honors for information and entertainment value!

I’ve lost 108 lbs. since 8/24/08 and feel like a new woman.  I never dreamed when wearing size 24′s that I’d be a size 6 in just over a year!

I think it’s awesome you feed your animals raw.  I’ll bet their coats are glowing!

I loooved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (own it, too)!

Best of everything to you!”



Thanks Swayze for your free report.  I found it very easy to understand and put into practice the things you share.

I have been on the raw food diet for a number of years and you are right there is a lot of misinformation out there in the raw food movement.   They warn us about eating too much fruit but your information makes a whole lot more sense.

Thank you very much.  I have learnt a lot form your website etc and blog.  Keep it up.

~Helen Humphreys

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this EASY to understand way of going raw.”


Just wanted to share that I love your site, your reports and the first lesson. I found you by synchronicity (of course) in a forum, don’t remember which one.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this EASY to understand way of going raw, there is so much information it’s hard to know how to begin and you are very successful at making it easy.

I have only been raw for about 2 weeks, had been vegetarian for several years and knew that was a sad excuse for a healthy diet as I continued to eat eggs and dairy! Intuitively I knew that mostly fruit with green veggies raw nuts and seeds was the way for me to ultimately go.

My husband told me a story about a lecture he saw in college, the man speaking had lived above the treeline in Nepal as a hermit and ate only fruit for 30 years. My husband said he was 73 and looked 40! Everyone questioned if it was true because they couldn’t believe it. Ever since hearing this story a few years ago I knew I was heading in this direction.

I went on The Master Cleanse, and had really had a trying detox. I couldn’t stand the thought of food without getting sick. Very weird for someone who still had steak fantasies!

To make a long story short I ended up not being able to keep anything down but fruit! So now I feel so much better everyday. I’m eating fruit for breakfast, usually a huge green salad for lunch, and usually fruit and some nuts or seeds for dinner still working on being able to eat enough sweet fruit. I really like your simplistic approach, I’m trying to simplify my life in general and your information is really supportive in this.

Thanks so much!

~Tracey L Garteiz,



Thank you for the report.. I am new to this and have already started eating fruit and green smoothies for breakfast. The information about Candida was quite helpful because I have read that eating fruit was bad..so in the past I have stayed away…It is hard overcoming preconceived notions.

I have been dieting all my life and bananas were again were on the no list… changing mind set is difficult..I didn’t realized how many rules I had about food..and guilt. I have been doing this a week and half and see some improvement in my skin..less wrinkles I also have more energy.

I have digestion problems and several food intolerances and think this is the way for me. I gave up flour and sugar for three years but still had digestion problems, sinus problems etc..after three years and a stressful job I went back to flour and sugar discouraged and put my weight back on after successfully keeping it off for almost 8 years.

Also the information about low fat was also helpful..the mixed information about being able to eat large quanities of fat…  from other raw websites is you don’t have to watch calories and the weight comes right off.

~Margaret Miller

“Low fat raw vegan was my calling and thank you so much for all your awesome inspiration and wisdom!!!!”

I just want to let you know, since finding your blog and starting 80/10/10 my life has completely changed.

I have Celiac Disease and tons of other food allergies and have been trying so desperately to gain weight and find foods that agree with me.  Low fat raw vegan was my calling and thank you so much for all your awesome inspiration and wisdom!!!!

I eased into it nice and slowly, slowly cutting out meat, then went to gluten-free grains, then cut out grains/beans except for sprouted and now I’m only eating 1 cooked root veggie per week wich I will be cutting that out soon along with any raw “goodies” I have that contain salt.

I started at 94 lbs and and upon reading Dr. Graham’s book and doing lots of research, reading tips on your blog, and starting a good muscle gaining workout routine  I now am well on my way to a healthy weight.

3 weeks later I am now at around 96/97 lbs and going strong!

~Melissa K Conrad


This was a great blog. It makes feel good about eating raw fruit every day. Eating raw gives me a great feeling and full of energy. I have notice that when I eat some cook veg my energy level moves down for about two hours.


“YOU are MY raw food guru!”

Thanks for that very up front, pull no punches article! As I transition to a raw food diet (still eating fish once a week for now), I have come to realize that all raw food websites are not created equal.

Because of you, I stopped shopping for a food dehydrator, got rid of all my spices, and returned $22.00 worth of “raw cold pressed” oils to Whole Foods, discovered the “30 Bananas a Day” website and Dr. Douglas Graham. Because of you, I no longer feel guilty when I have some all fruit days, and I no longer get frustrated over my struggles with non-sweet fruits and leafy greens. I know that my taste buds are “maturing”, and one day I will no longer desire salt (I haven’t had any this week so far).

So thank you for the “Fool Proof Transition to Raw” mini-course, the Salty No Salt Salsa recipe, the encouragement to eat the fruits I like, and the information on shopping other places besides the high-priced “health food” stores for my organic produce. Thank you also for your no-nonsense approach to eating raw, because after all, it is simple! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

YOU are MY raw food guru!



Yes I know what you mean with no energy on cooked food: yesterday and today I managed to eat only raw and I spent all day today really busy without tiring, it surprised me! But no it is not a surprise, it is thanks to the lovely fruit. I better keep it up!

Thanks Swayze for pointing it out.


“I am stunned with how satisfied I am at every meal…I have lost 5 pounds in three days, I’m 25 pounds away from my pre-baby weight.

I have just recently joined Swayze’s newsletter & site a few weeks ago. I spent about a week doing some rsearch to see if one can sustain on a 100% raw diet. In the meantime I ate 95% raw with a 1/4 cup of pure lentil soup no salt .

Then I came across a site that featured Tim Van Orden. He is a 100% raw athlete runner. I was amazed at how he too lives on an all fruits, vegetables, low fat-some nuts & seeds diet like Swayze.

The reason I was 100% convinced that it can work for me, am 41 years old and had my 1st baby 3 years ago. Because I was considered a high risk pregnancy due to a previous 5 mth miscarriage, I was told not to workout. This lead to an excess weight of 42 flabby pounds. I have taken off 12 lbs but have struggled with the final 30. Believe me I have tried everything and within three or four days of my diet I would go on a processed high sugar carbohydrate binge. I started believing that this was the way things were going to be and I was stuck.

I googled Tim’s name and found a 2 part series podcast on Revvell. I was stunned that he began the 100% raw food journey in 2005 and is still thriving and running strong. The best part he began his 100% raw food journey at 38 and is now 41. If he can do it, then so can I.

There are several misconceptions misunderstood about the raw food world and one of them is age. Many adults believe it is too late to start this new way of eating especially since I have been eating a SAD diet, why stop now, the damage is done. Well there is a way of reversing all the damage and I am convinced that Swayze’s way is the best way.

I began my 100% raw food diet this past Labor Day. Three days ago. I am stunned with how satisfied I am at every meal. I failed before because I wasn’t eating enough fruits. Every Fool Proof Transition To Raw Food tip that Swayze shares is absolutely your tool for sucess.

I have lost 5 pounds in three days, I’m 25 pounds away from my pre-baby weight.



Swayze, you ARE da woman! Loved these two articles on protein, and it will totally help that I read them, the next time someone asks me The Question (and everyone does, once they find out I lost 100 lbs. eating mostly fruits and veggies).


“This really makes me see that I can do it. Thanks again!”

Thank you so much for your honesty and encouragement. I’m fasting to help transition to raw and a healthier lifestyle, but my diet and lifestyle has been HORRIBLE up until now. It’s nice to know that there are others out there who used to eat fast food and weren’t brought up by a family of vegans who grew their own organic produce (no offense, I envy those who did, but my family was a meat, potatoes, and a small side of overcooked veggies deal).

This really makes me see that I can do it. Thanks again!




Thanks so much for your simple, straight-forward approach. I, too, tried to go 100% raw in one day and lasted about 3 days total, this summer. Since then, I have been looking for a simpler, more realistic approach. I like how you present the information in your free ebook and in the transition lessons. Thanks so much!



Swayze, you ARE da woman! Loved these two articles on protein, and it will totally help that I read them, the next time someone asks me The Question (and everyone does, once they find out I lost 100 lbs. eating mostly fruits and veggies).


“The 4 Principles of a Healthy Raw Diet is Excellent.”


The 4 Principles of a Healthy Raw Diet is excellent. I have been raw for almost a year now but it was a hard transition. Mostly because I bought all the books and tried to make the recipes like cooked food replacements, like you mentioned burgers and pizza etc.  Seemed odd to me at the time, kept thinking why would you want to copy all the cooked food, didn’t make any sense…your way of thinking is much better. Thanks…

It was too time consuming with my busy life and expensive to have all the stuff on hand. I finally figured out I didn’t need to do that and have settled in to fruit, nuts and greens and it is working very well…took awhile though LOL

I have smoothies in the morning or fruit and a salad and fruit for lunch and dinner with a few nuts…I don’t t eat as much as your menu but don’t seem to be losing weight so must be enough.

I am really enjoying your course and even though I have done this for a year..it helps to review..I get lots of questions about my way of eating so will refer anyone to your web page. Thanks for being there and you have really helped me validate I am doing the right thing




I was anorexic and bulimic for years, I had no control over my weight, and I was severely depressed – then I decided to get help! I was so confident that I would soon be “fixed” but after trying therapist, group programs, and treatment facilities the problem still wouldn’t go away for good.

Then I realized that once I started to look at foods not as high calorie and low calorie but as healthy and unhealthy, I would be able to live my life again. That started me on a search for the perfect diet which led me to the raw food diet – I was hooked! That was just two years ago.

However, I had still been having trouble staying 100% raw, that is until you started to offer How to Conquer Your Cooked Food Cravings Once and for All. Instead of being 90% raw, I’ve been 100% raw for the last few months and loving it! I have my life back; I’m living in Georgetown , going to Georgetown Law, HAPPY WITH MY BODY, and as healthy as ever.

Thank you so much for everything you write and your daily emails (they are always a good mid-day motivation),



“I love it – you make some complicated information very easy to understand.”

Hi Swayze,

You asked for feedback on the report you sent to me. Well, I am so grateful you sent it. I love it – you make some complicated information very easy to understand. I think you did a great job of condensing what could be a long-winded read into something simple and easy to follow.

I love your enthusiasm, I have gone raw as much as I have been able since reading up on this subject (I had to abstain from raw whilst in the hospital for 3 days, but other than that have been raw) and I am so glad to have the information at hand.

I have tried to go raw many times in the past – in fact since the early 90s and have never made it because I simply didn’t eat enough. I just didn’t have the facts I needed to support me.

So I am pretty excited to discover that it can be done without starving!

Bless you, Swayze and thank you for what you do.

~Jenn Lawson


Good morning Swayze,

It’s always a pleasure to wake up and have your wonderful Emails and advices to read. You have made my raw lifestyle so simple and easy. Mango is also one of my favorite fruit… being from the caribean mango was an everyday snack for me. Thank you so so much for everything.



“I can already see a huge difference in how quickly I’m digesting food and my clarity and energy levels. Just amazing!”

Hey Swayze!

I was already doing fairly well in my raw food diet, but was a bit – no, a lot – in the wrong direction on the amount of fruit. As you know, everything one reads is about no sugar – even from fresh fruit.

I LOVE the info that I get on your site and how well you demonstrate your belief. I was telling a couple of my neighbors about you just last night and am sending them the site today. It makes so much sense and really makes just eating sooo much easier than all the juicing and prep work I was doing!

I can already see a huge difference in how quickly I’m digesting food and my clarity and energy levels. Just amazing!

Thank you so much!!




You also are very kind. I just wanted you to know that you’re making a difference in my life. I thought to myself, “How many peoples lives has she had a positive impact on that never got around to saying thank you?”

Well on their behalf Swayze, I say thank you. I cheat a little and periodically a lot, but my energy has gone thru the roof! The only time I’m still is when I’m sleeping. LOL!

Thank you SO MUCH!




“So a few weeks of anti bacterial mouthwash and ulcer cream did not work. Yet 4 days on a fruit diet did.”


I had an ulcer under my tongue that would not go away. Being an ex smoker and over 40 years old I was fearful of oral cancer. I booked an appointment to see my Doctor however that was a week away.

I have been following your diet and read your e book. I have been eating fruit and greens for 4 days. My doctors appointment was today and the ulcer has almost disappeared.

So a few weeks of anti bacterial mouthwash and ulcer cream did not work. Yet 4 days on a fruit diet did.




Hello there!

I loved your report.  To be honest, and I’m showing my ignorance here, my first impressions of a raw food lifestyle seemed much too time-consuming.  All those flax crackers and sprouted breads, it really didn’t tickle my fancy.

I wish I’d found your site earlier, because if the first dietary guideline I’d read had espoused a high fruit intake balanced with greens and minimal fats, I’d have started so much earlier.  What I really want from my diet is for it to be stress-free, and you can’t get a more delicious no-brainer than reaching for the fruit bowl.



“Your short, to the point, well written and in my opinion scientifically correct piece has now completely won me over and will have me on a completely raw diet starting first thing tomorrow morning.”

Hello Swayze,

Heehee, can’t cough up the 4 principles but loved it all the way!

I’ve been busy with my food and health my whole adult life, and i’m very pleased with the result closing 40.

Only recent I experimented some with raw, and indeed found out through experience that fruit is very important and satisfying.

Your short, to the point, well written and in my opinion scientifically correct piece has now completely won me over and will have me on a completely raw diet starting first thing tomorrow morning. (with WAY less nuts and seeds on the menu… ;) )

Loved how you focused on our monkey brothers. Totally agree with that simple but for so many people nowadays so far fetched argument.

Thank you for sharing!

Love & Peace on your path ahead my fellow Warrior!



Hi Swayze,

Thank you for the continuing stream of info. that is educating the ignorant….me, specifically! :) I want to report to you that I’ve lost over 20 lbs and counting. Husband has lost weight too. We both love the diet and are happy with the results too. More importantly, we feel good.

I am experiencing no problem with the diabetes, and with careful monitoring, I am keeping the sugar level in the normal range fairly easily. I had to go buy new clothes Sunday because those big pants I have just had to be replaced. Gee, I love it!!

Thank you for your assistance in sending us down the path to good health that we’ve always sought.

Best regards,



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