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“Would You Like HEALTHY and DELICIOUS Raw Vegan Recipes that take MINUTES to Prepare and Contain EASY-TO-FIND Ingredients?”

Low Fat Raw Vegan Recipe EBook

I have a few important questions for you today…

Are you finally ready to give the healthy raw food diet a try, but are clueless when it comes to preparing nutritious and scrumptious raw recipes?

Are you tired of spending hours in the kitchen preparing uber-fatty, super-salty, dehydrated, gourmet “raw” dishes?

Are you sick of shelling out wads of cash for hard-to-find, expensive ingredients and “necessary” raw superfoods and supplements?

Then I think you’re going to love…

“Low Fat, Fruit Filled, High Fun Raw Recipes”

Delicious and Healthy Raw Vegan Favorites for Every Meal

Low Fat Raw Vegan Recipe EBook

*Order Low Fat, Fruit Filled Raw Recipes!*

This completely digital recipe book is full of favorite raw recipes from several fruit-fanatical raw vegans, including Michele Martinez from Raw Natural Hygiene, Chris Kendall from The Raw Advantage, and Ellen Livingston from Living Yoga.

There are even recipe contributions from some of my wonderfully raw readers!

Because ya’ll know I’m too darn lazy to create a full recipe book all by my lonesome, right? ;)

What’s Included?

Here are just some of the tasty AND healthy raw vegan favorites you will find in this 35-page ebook:

16-circle-red-checkBanana’s Foster Smoothie - by Melissa Conrad

16-circle-red-checkCoconut Supreme - by Ellen Livingston

16-circle-red-checkSilk Yogurt- by Michael Arnstein

16-circle-red-checkPizza-ettes - by Michele Martinez

16-circle-red-checkBetter Than Candy Confection - by Karmyn Malone

16-circle-red-checkSweet ‘n Salty Slaw- by Chris Kendall

16-circle-red-checkRaw Cau-Bouli Salad- by Michael Arnstein

16-circle-red-checkThe Bitter with the Sweet Green Salad - by Connie Hoffman

16-circle-red-checkPurple Dino-Mite Smoothie- by Sarah Forhmals

16-circle-red-checkGroovy Green Wraps - by Michele Martinez

16-circle-red-checkAnd 28 More Sweet and Savory Dishes!

And Some Pictures

Because we all like pictures. :D

*Marvelous Tomango Soup*

Low Fat Raw Vegan Recipe

*Plantain Pudding*

Low Fat Raw Vegan Recipe

*Raw Cau-Bouli Salad*

*Order Low Fat, Fruit Filled Raw Recipes!*

What Else?

All 38 fruit-filled raw recipes in this e-book are sectioned into one of two categories: Sweet Treats or Savory Delights.

The Sweet Treats category includes any sweet fruit-based recipes. These dishes are high in calories, making them suitable for breakfast, lunch, or a dinner fruit meal. These are excellent substitutes for “boring” mono-fruit meals.

The Savory Delights section of the book includes non-sweet fruit and/or vegetable-based recipes. While many of these dishes contain sweet fruit as well, they are more suitable for dinnerafter your fruit meal – since they are lower in calories.

This makes it super simple to find the perfect dish for any occasion…

And because I know how tough it can be getting started on raw (not to mention just trying to get over the shock-and-awe of being able to eat as much food as you want), I’ve even included a super simple 7-day meal plan.

Using this plan as a lose guideline will help give you a clear picture of how to schedule your meals as a soon-to-be sexy, slim, super healthy raw foodist!

What Happy Customers are Saying

Enough about how much I love these delicious raw dishes.  I mean, it is my recipe book, right? ;)

Let’s hear from some wonderfully raw fans!

“I’ve tried several of the recipes and I’m truly amazed.”

Dear Swayze,

Thanks so much for creating “LOW FAT, FRUIT FILED, HIGH FUN RAW RECIPES”. I’ve tried several of the recipes and I’m truly amazed. Such a simple recipe like GRAPEFRUIT BANANA PUNCH, I totally thought I knew what it would taste like and much to my amazement it was so much more tasty, creamy and so delicious. The BITTER WITH THE SWEET GREEN SALAD was so delightful with all its variety of flavours and I love the idea of usign orange juice as a dressing.

I particularly like the way you included a 7-Day Meal Plan. It gives me a good idea of the calories per recipe and it demonstrates a good way to distribute them throughout the day.

Looking forward to trying more!


Suzanne Mouflier
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


This eBook just proves that you can have healthy delicious meals in little time! GREAT!

Hi Swayze,

After downloading and trying some of the recipes from your eBook, I just wanted to let you know how much I like this little book. :-)

Just as you wrote before, I am also one of those people who like to keep things simple (well to be honest, sometimes I’m just darn lazy…) and most of the time I enjoy my fruit plain as it is.. But then from time to time I want to have a “proper” meal and not just some bananas.

And when this happens I love to look through your eBook and choose one of the many mouth-watering dishes in there. It’s great to see that you can have a nice yummy and exciting new dish without spending more than 5 minutes in the kitchen (as I told you, I’m lazy… ;-)!

I really enjoyed the SWEET ‘N SALTY SLAW and the BANANAS IN A BLANKET. And the CARAMEL CAMEL DIP just nailed the spot when I was craving something sweet and candy-like on a freezing winter’s night (hmmm – now that’s what I call healthy for the soul!) And as soon as I find some plantains in Germany I’m definitely gonna make the PLANTAIN PUDDING you showed in your video!

This eBook just proves that you can have healthy delicious meals in little time! GREAT!

Thanks for making this book!



P.S If you ever plan to publish a second edition: it would be awesome to have pictures of each recipe in the book as well – that would make them even more mouth-watering! :-D


“Thanks again for offering such a fabulous book — and at such a great price.”

Dear Swayze,

I am sooooo happy that I decided to purchase your e-book!

You did a fabulous job putting it together. It’s hard to know where to begin my praises — I know…the recipes of course :)

Even though I’ve been eating completely lfrv for well over 3 years, I can always appreciate a fresh idea. I especially loved the PLANTAIN PUDDING (never had enjoyed plantains til I tried this one!) the SWEET AND SALTY SLAW (gotta love The Date People) and the CARAMEL CAMEL DIP (great for parties). From the savory section, the RED CURRANT PASTA was a novel idea for me (and delicious) and the RADICALLY RAW PIZZA proved to be a great hit around my place!

I really appreciate all the contributors’ notes and your tips — they give you the extra know-how to make the recipes come out perfect.

Your meal plans look great and I would recommend them to anyone, especially newbies who may need to see how it all looks in real life.

Also, thanks for introducing us to your contributors — a nice, personal touch.

So, Swayze, thanks agains for offering such a fabulous book — and at such a great price.

If you ever travel to South Florida, please do get in touch –  it would be great to meet you!

All blessings to you,


P.S Oh, I don’t want to forget to thank you for including the link to the recipe photos — I was drooling before I ever made it to the kitchen!!


“The recipes are exactly what I needed.”

Dear Swayze,

I came to your web site from Frederic Patenaude’s and immediately knew you were my answer. I ordered your recipe book and 5 week plan, etc.

The recipes are exactly what I needed. I was having trouble going ‘fat free without cravings’ in order to reduce candida, and the recipes are allowing my to do that.

My favorites so far are Banana’s Foster Smoother (better than icing which is my downfall), Sweet Chelery Smoothie, I now use celery in all sorts of unexpected ways, and Confetti Coleslaw using Chinese cabbage for the high calcium.

Thanks for coming into my life.

R Ja
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


“the ‘Radically Raw Pizza’ has my tastebuds sparked with intrigue!”

Hey Swayze!

Would first of all love to say a huge thanks for all the information you so freely share … rawfoodexplained.com, especially, has been a real juicy gem of inspiration for me as I’ve transitioned into the lfrv diet and Natural Hygiene. Thank you! :)

Your Low Fat, Fruit Filled, High Fun Raw Recipes e-book is full of fruity favourites that I am excited to play with (the ‘Radically Raw Pizza’ has my tastebuds sparked with intrigue!).

One thing I am finding is that many of the recipes call for tomatoes/bell peppers, and I am real sensitive to the nightshades…so trying to give those a miss for now. Would be great to have some alternatives/replacements.

This was also the case with Frederic’s salad dressings e-book (which is also fab, and I’m amazed at how many recipes were included).

Anywho, not looking for any kind of refund or freebies, just wanted to share some feedback and send some luv!

With gratitude and joy,



“thank you so much for your website and wonderful recipes, I have released approx. 10lb in three weeks!”

Hello Swayze,

I purchased your ebooks a couple of weeks ago, and really love them. I have been craving something savoury & was thrilled with the Salad dressings and the salads.

It’s easier with someone like you to help with starting out on raw. I have tried raw before, well a few months ago, but friends’ kept asking me out for dinner etc and I weakened and went with them.

But now, I am back on track and feeling well and happy. I have already started fitting into jeans that I couldn’t zip up before Christmas!! And now I have some exciting new recipes from your books, I know I will go on eating raw for life.

I now have a salad if I go out with friends, and just water. Or I take my datorade, which amazes everyone, some even ask how to make it.

As I am in Australia, I can’t always get the items in your recipes, but I get the main things and can usually find a substitute, except for the Jicama! I really don’t know anything about this one, what could be used instead?

But, thank you so much for your website and wonderful recipes, I have released approx. 10lb in three weeks! I am so excited about it all, can’t wait to get into more of my too small clothes.

Will be eagerly waiting for your next message. Thank you , thank you, thank you!!

Sydney, Australia


What’s Different?

Every raw recipe in this e-book follows 4 very important criteria:

16-circle-red-checkLow Fat

16-circle-red-checkSalt Free

16-circle-red-checkEasy to Make

16-circle-red-checkEveryday Ingredients

You won’t find ANY dehydrated “raw” food recipes in this book that are full of fat and salt, difficult to make, and require hard to find and expensive ingredients.

Every dish is 100% raw, 100% vegan, 100% simple, and 100% HEALTHY!

And because I know how tough it can be getting started on raw (not to mention just trying to get over the shock-and-awe of being able to eat as much food as you want), I’ve even included a super simple 7-day meal plan.

Some More Satisfied Customers

“Low Fat, Fruit Filled, High Fun Raw Recipes really helped me figure out what to do!”

Dear Swayze,

When I first heard about becoming raw, it was hard to figure out just what to eat.

I would look through recipe books and all I would get is recipes involving a dehydrator or other pricey equipment, and I know I can’t just eat 10 bananas! The “LOW FAT, FRUIT FILLED, HIGH FUN RAW RECIPES” really helped me figure out what to do! I just love the RADICALLY RAW PIZZA!

I’m glad I bought it and I thank you for putting it together!


Shayla Stagg
Cameron, Texas, USA


“Just wonderful fresh ingredients.


Thanks so much for compilation of great recipes. :)

I’m glad to have found a raw ebook with no need to dehydrate anything or eat a salad with a gallon of oil and a mountain of salt.  Just wonderful fresh ingredients.

I especially love the COCONUT SUPREME.

All the best,

Dave J
Sydney, Australia


“One recipe…that was a big hit was the CREAMY CASHEW DRESSING.”

Hi Swayze,

I’m on week three in the transition phase of easing into the low fat, high fruit raw food diet.

One recipe from “LOW FAT, FRUIT FILLED, HIGH FUN RAW RECIPES” that was a big hit was the CREAMY CASHEW DRESSING. I added red bell pepper and creamed it together, then spooned it on top of some very lightly steamed veggies that I shared with my husband for a dinner meal.  It was a very cool transition point and gave our meal some zip (plus, he really liked it).

Tonight, I’m going to try the TOMATO CORN SALAD on him.

Susan White Rose
Boulder Creek, California, USA


The sweet dips!!! Hmmmm. They really make everything taste so much better.


Thank you so much for the recipes – they have really helped me to get over a little raw food rut, or a hump, of just eating the same thing day in and day out and, inevitably, getting bored of it. The sweet dips!!! Hmmmm. They really make everything taste so much better.

I haven’t had a chance to try each and every recipe, but I do know that when faced with a (self-imposed) choice of a really plain salad or a savoury veggie stew (both good choices) but feel fed up with both, I can flip through your recipes and give myself plenty more options.

Thank you so much for creating these really helpful and healthful recipes for your ‘devotees’. You are my favourite raw food dude! By a streaky mile. Don’t tell the others!

My very best wishes and many thanks for your continued support on my raw journey.


Jenn L
Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland


Your Low Fat, Fruit Filled cookbook and you have helped me know a better way of eating.

Hi Swayze,

Your Low Fat, Fruit Filled cookbook and you have helped me know a better way of eating. I was on the Blood Type diet (0+) and was told that I was to eat tons of meat and eggs and vegetable proteins. O I was feeling so tired and had lots of acne and joint problems.

Then I came across your website and what a blessing you have been to me. I have been on your fruit filled meals for almost 3 weeks now and have lost 10 lbs. I am still a little weak feeling but am learning how much fruit and greens that are filling my needs.

Thank you for the blog on the water consumption and being thirsty. I was not feeling thirsty and as wondering why? My belly is not feeling as bloated now that I don’t have to drink 6-8 glasses of water now too. I am still having a lot of cravings but as money permits i can purchase some of your other books also to help me with this.

Thank you so much for your support and your knowledge. Keep the encouragement coming.

LeeAnn Morris, Certified Massage Therapist
Sheridan, Michigan


You Can Download All 35+ of These HEALTHY Raw Recipes for ONLY $19.95!

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You’ll be making scrumptious low fat raw recipes in no time!

My Guarantee To You

Order Low Fat, Fruit Filled, High Fun Raw Recipes and take as long as 60 days to try it out. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason, simply contact me and I will be more than happy to refund you 100% of what you paid.

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So if you would like to go raw, enjoy your tasty and nutritious meals, and finally experience phenomenal health and vitality, order your copy of Low Fat, Fruit Filled, High Fun Raw Recipes TODAY!

ONLY $19.95!

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Go raw and be fit,


Swayze Foster

P.S. Purchase of this recipe book also comes with access to a webpage with pictures of many of the recipe contributions…taken by yours truly.

It was a tough job making, eating, and shooting all these delicious dishes, but somebody had to do it! :D

P.P.S. If you have any questions, please contact me at swayze@fitonraw.com.