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Food Combining Pseudoscience

Don’t eat starch with protein. Don’t eat sugar with fat. And of course, never eat beans. These are just some of the many food combining rules we are supposed to follow for optimal digestion and health. But is any of it really necessary? Thoughts? Please share in the comments below! Go raw and be fit, […]

September 18, 2013   12 Comments

Smelly Gas from Beans? It’s Not a Food Combining Issue

As I mentioned in my recent video about incorporating cooked foods like beans into my diet, one of the downsides to this has been stinky farts. Many of you commented that it’s likely due to improper food combining. I’m pretty confident that you’re wrong and here’s why. Your Thoughts? Please share in the comments below! […]

September 6, 2013   7 Comments

Nuts and Bananas: How Long to Wait?

Reader Reggie asks…”How much time should I wait between eating nuts and bananas?” Go raw and be fit, Swayze P.S. Not sure what to eat for dinner on a raw food diet? Looking for something more savory and substantial than your basic salad or raw soup? Then be sure to check out Frederic Patenaude and Veronica Grace’s Savory Raw […]

May 1, 2013   5 Comments

Overt Fats for Lunch? A Brief Experiment

It’s generally recommended to consume any overt fats (avocado, nuts, seeds) at the the end of the day. But are there any downsides to eating them earlier, say for lunch? Check out today’s Fit On Raw video for my (very brief) experience. Go raw and be fit, Swayze P.S. Tired of paying $500, $600, even […]

November 13, 2012   18 Comments

Swayze’s Favorite Food Combining Faux Pas

Often considered a food combining no-no, these two ingredients are actually a favorite fruity meal of mine! Check out today’s video for my tips on enjoying this food combining faux pas guilt (and gas) free. Go raw and be fit, Swayze P.S. Looking for tasty and satisfying fruity combinations? Be sure to check out my […]

September 20, 2012   12 Comments