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Do You Have to Give Up Your Favorite Foods to Be Healthy?

“I want to eat raw, but I can’t give up chicken!” I receive comments like this one all the time from people who worry that if they can’t give up all of their favorite unhealthy foods and go raw, then there’s no point. Check out today’s video for my thoughts. Go raw and be fit, […]

July 14, 2013   2 Comments

What About Cheat Days on a Raw Food Diet?

Many people turn to cheat days as a way to handle the stress of dieting. Here’s my experience with using cheat days in the past. Your Experience with Cheat Days? Please share in the comments below! Go raw and be fit, Swayze P.S. A diet predominated by fresh fruits and vegetables can be amazing for nutrition, […]

July 11, 2013   7 Comments

How Steve Lost 68 lbs in 5 Months and Has No Symptoms of Parkinson’s, Diabetes, or Bipolar Disorder

Think you’re too old, too sick, too far-gone to even try to get healthy? Listen to Steve’s amazing story about how he was able to lose 68 pounds and eradicate all of his symptoms of Parkinson’s, diabetes, and bipolar disorder in just 5 months with the help of a raw food diet. Got Your Own […]

June 15, 2013   8 Comments

4 Tips for Making Your Smoothies Last

Guilty of guzzling your smoothies? Here are 4 simple tips to make your smoothies last. Got Any More Tips Please share in the comments below! Go raw and be fit, Swayze P.S. Not sure what to eat for dinner on a raw food diet? Looking for something more savory and substantial than your basic salad or raw […]

April 28, 2013   4 Comments

How I Ended Binge Eating and Bulimia with a Raw Food Diet

I shot this video over a month ago and then decided not to upload it due to the sensitive subject matter. Lucky for you, I’ve changed my mind! Go raw and be fit, Swayze P.S. Struggling with fat loss because of crazy cooked food cravings that lead to crazy cooked food binges? Crush those cravings now… […]

September 18, 2012   53 Comments