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Posts from — August 2011

Are Frozen Foods Still Raw?

Raw reader Dodie asks: I do have a question for you- when making smoothies and such, does using a frozen berry mix (no syrup added) count as raw? I’ve read around and heard different things. A truly raw food is one that has not been processed in any way and remains in its whole, natural state. […]

August 29, 2011   11 Comments

Healthy Raw Bread Recipe: Mission Impossible?

I’ve received a lot of emails concerning my critique of that ridiculously unhealthy raw vegan bread recipe. Most people want to know how to make a raw bread that is not only tasty, but healthy as well. My reply? I don’t think you want it. If you’re looking for a way to make tasty bread using raw […]

August 26, 2011   7 Comments

In What World is This Raw Recipe Healthy?!

Excuse my crudeness, but most raw food diets suck. Why? Because most raw food diets include recipes like this one: Raw Gluten Free Almond Bread 4 1/2 cups packed almond pulp 1 1/4 cups olive oil 1/2 cup flax seeds 2 tsp Celtic sea salt Now, I have no problem with people who eat and […]

August 22, 2011   20 Comments

Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Roll With the Punches

It’s eleven in the morning at the time of this writing and I should be on a plane headed toward New York to attend the Woodstock Fruit Festival. Instead, I’m in bed writing this email to you. Why? Because the universe hates me. Okay, not really. It’s because I hurt my back Sunday night. I […]

August 18, 2011   15 Comments

Do You Have the Right Raw Priorities?

So you want to go and stay raw, but you don’t know if you’re quite ready yet. You’ve read all the raw food wisdom out there, but what if you get something wrong? What if you make a mistake? What if all of your produce isn’t organic? What if you eat late at night? What […]

August 4, 2011   20 Comments