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Posts from — July 2011

Raw Rewind: The #1 Way to Have More Energy

The following article was originally published on Fit On Raw in June 2009.  If you feel groggy in the mornings, need afternoon naps, or just don’t feel as energetic as you think you should, keep reading… There are hundreds of articles and books dedicated to helping you have more energy. I’m sure you’ve heard of […]

July 28, 2011   5 Comments

Is Your Raw Food Diet Dehydrating?

This may be hard to believe, but on a raw food diet, you should never be thirsty during or after a meal. As I explained last week, a healthy raw food diet is full of water-rich produce and, therefore, is very hydrating. What’s that? The raw foods you eat make you thirsty? Here’s what you’re probably […]

July 25, 2011   6 Comments

Is it Necessary to Drink Water on a Raw Food Diet?

I recently received an email from raw reader LeeAnn. She asks: Another question is that drinking water is not mentioned at all in your blogs. Should I be drinking alot of water too??  It seems to bloat my belly up more. On a healthy raw food diet (low fat, high fruit, some greens, with little to no salt or […]

July 21, 2011   8 Comments

3 Bodacious Blender-Free Raw Food Recipes

Think you need an expensive blender to make delicious and nutritious raw food recipes? Not at all! While a high-end blender like the Vitamix is a great addition, owning one isn’t at all necessary. In fact, you don’t need ANY blender to make mouth-watering raw food meals. Below you’ll find a few of my favorite […]

July 17, 2011   Comments Off

Vitamix or Blendtec for Raw Food Recipes?

Earlier this year, my 3-year-old Blendtec blender broke (some of the buttons stopped working). Instead of getting a new one, I decided to opt for its rival, the Vitamix. I’ve been using my Vitamix pretty much everyday for almost 3 months and I love it. But the question is, which blender do I love more? […]

July 14, 2011   20 Comments