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Posts from — June 2011

The True Cause of Cancer

What causes cancer? Many people believe that it’s all in your genes. Others say it’s the pollutants in the water we drink and the air we breath that are to blame. In other words, cancer is beyond your control. It’s something that “just happens” to you. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. According […]

June 27, 2011   4 Comments

5 Warning Signs Your Raw Food Diet Isn’t Working

Warning signs? But how can eating raw foods possibly be unhealthy?! You may be surprised to learn how easy it is to go raw the wrong way. In fact, it’s no secret that most raw foodists are eating a diet that isn’t healthy. Do you fall into this category? Let’s find out… Here are 5 […]

June 23, 2011   1 Comment

3 More So-Called Superfoods to Avoid

So you’ve learned that you don’t need goji berries, spirulina, or hemp powder to thrive on a raw food diet. Unfortunately, these products aren’t the only so-called “superfoods” promoted within the mainstream raw food movement. Here are 3 more not-so-superfoods you shouldn’t waste your money on: #1: Raw Cacao Raw cacao consists of cacao beans (the […]

June 20, 2011   8 Comments

3 Cases of Pseudo-Thinking That Are Damaging Your Health

What’s pseudo-thinking? Rather than define it, I’ll show you what I mean with a personal example… Recently, Fit On Raw reader Mark left a critical comment on an article of mine about salt. In the article I wrote: What we don’t need is sodium chloride (NaCl). Both minerals in this compound are completely useless to […]

June 16, 2011   31 Comments

Fresh Fruits and Greens: The REAL Raw Superfoods

Spirulina, bee pollen, and hemp protein powder are just some of the “superfoods” heavily marketed to raw foodists and other health conscious folk. These foods are promoted for their superior nutritional content, being good sources of various vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidant and protein-rich. But as I show here, these products are not […]

June 14, 2011   13 Comments