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Posts from — April 2011

Does Being Vegan Guarantee Perfect Health?

When someone finds out that I don’t eat any animal products, a common response is to a quote some study showing how unhealthy vegans are (e.g. our cholesterol levels are too low, our vitamin B12 levels are too low, we get colds all the time, etc.) My Response? Who gives a crap! Okay, I don’t really […]

April 29, 2011   Comments Off

How to Enjoy the Ataulfo Mango

You may or may not know that ataulfo mangoes are one of my very favorite fruits, right up there with the locally-grown peaches I pick each summer. And you may or may not know that these little delicacies are in season right now! Unfortunately, like most fruits, most people have no idea how to enjoy […]

April 25, 2011   10 Comments

Why a Raw Food Diet is NOT Natural

I know what you’re thinking. But Swayze, a raw food diet is the most natural diet there is! I mean, it consists of nothing but fresh, raw ingredients, just like all wild creatures consume! You’re right. No animals (unless domesticated or fed by us) consume cooked foods. And humans have spent the vast majority of […]

April 22, 2011   4 Comments

One Simple Way to Eat More Raw Veggies

One of the biggest reasons why so many raw foodists fail to stay raw, besides not eating enough fruit, is not eating enough veggies (particularly greens). Why is this such a problem? For one, greens are good for you. They provide necessary minerals like calcium and phosphorus that are lacking in most fruits. But also, I’ve […]

April 14, 2011   4 Comments

Should You Cut Out All Overt Fats?

While a low-fat raw vegan diet is totally healthy, a fat-free diet is totally not. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to have a diet completely devoid of fat! That said, it IS possible to cut your fat intake way down and it this very easy to accomplish on a raw vegan diet How? Simply remove […]

April 11, 2011   11 Comments