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Posts from — February 2010

Swayze’s Salty Salt-Free Salsa Recipe

If you’ve been hangin’ around Fit On Raw for a while, you’ve probably heard about this super simple salsa recipe that I love so much. It was one of the first savory low fat raw dishes I ever made that I actually enjoyed eating and became a staple for me during my first few months […]

February 28, 2010   119 Comments

How to Indulge in High Fat Raw Recipes

One of the most important aspects of eating a low fat, high fruit raw vegan diet is (you guessed it) eating low amounts of fat. As I discuss in The Truth About a High Fat Raw Diet and has been covered extensively by low-fat promoters like Douglas Graham, John McDougall, and Jeff Novick, an *optimal* […]

February 17, 2010   11 Comments

How to Stop Bananas From Ripening Too Quickly

Happy Valentine’s Day! In the spirit of the holiday, I have a little gift for you today. No, it isn’t a box of chocolates, a thoughtful card, or undersized lingerie (tee hee)… It’s a raw food tip, of course! How to Stop Bananas From Ripening Too Fast [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nBMLdKF8wo [/youtube] Go raw and be fit, Swayze

February 14, 2010   33 Comments

Plantain Pudding Raw Recipe Video

In today’s video blog, I showcase a delicious recipe called Plantain Pudding (contributed by Ellen Livingston at www.LivingYogaNow.com) from my healthy raw recipe book: “Low Fat, Fruit Filled, High Fun Raw Recipes” Delicious and Healthy Raw Vegan Favorites for Every Meal I also give some vital tips for preparing and eating the oft-forgot plantain.  For […]

February 8, 2010   132 Comments

Are Raw Sweeteners Really Raw And Healthy?

I find it quite ridiculous interesting that so many raw foodists are completely fruit-phobic and yet they have no qualms about eating tablespoon after tablespoon of refined sweeteners like agave and honey. You would think that someone who severely limits their consumption of sweet fruit because the simple sugars “cause Candidiasis” would be even MORE […]

February 4, 2010   9 Comments