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Posts from — October 2009

Raw Foodists: The TRUE Green Goers

You know what really gets my goat? Wastefulness. I hate the thought of wasting time. I hate the thought of wasting energy. I even hate the thought of wasting food. I love efficiency. I love getting things done in a timely matter. I love only using as much as I need. And I LOVE a […]

October 25, 2009   20 Comments

Vitamin D and the Raw Vegan Diet: A Recipe for Deficiency?

Are you concerned about your vitamin D intake? Besides protein and vitamin B12, vitamin D deficiency is one of the biggest reasons people have reservations about going and/or staying raw (or vegan, for that matter). This becomes especially true towards the end of the year, when the sun is waning and the cold temps are […]

October 22, 2009   19 Comments

Go Green, The Raw Food Way!

I’ve received a handful of emails lately concerned with the amount of sweetness on a low fat, high fruit raw vegan diet. As expected, several of you aren’t quite used to the sweetness of so much fruit To solve the problem, many beginner raw foodists substitute savory greens and/or nuts, seeds and avocado for sweet […]

October 18, 2009   13 Comments

The Raw Food Rule for Radiant Skin

I recently posted an article on a simple routine to Naturally Cure Dry Skin.  Because beauty truly does come from within, today’s article focuses on the relationship between your diet and your skin. Even though this simple 2-step routine will go a long way toward clearing up your dry skin, it’s not the best way […]

October 15, 2009   9 Comments

2-Step Natural Dry Skin Care Routine

You know how I can tell that winter is almost here? My skin gets super-duper DRY! I mean, really dry. Like, peeling and cracking kind of dry. Sorry. That’s pretty gross. During most of the year, my skin stays soft and smooth. It’s only when the weather changes and we have to turn on the […]

October 11, 2009   18 Comments