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Posts from — July 2009

Where Do You Get Your Protein?

If you’ve been vegetarian, vegan, or raw for more than 5 minutes, I’m sure you’ve already been asked this question a dozen times. It is always the first thing on people’s minds when they discover that you are not consuming a steady diet of burgers, fries, and coca cola. Protein consumption can be a rather […]

July 30, 2009   3 Comments

How to Start an Exercise Routine Right Now!

It’s really an understatement to say that many people know the benefits of exercise. Practically EVERYONE knows that exercise allows for weight loss, better sleep, more energy, improved mood, etc. But if everyone is familiar with the importance of fitness, why do the vast majority of us refrain from adding exercise into our regular routine? […]

July 28, 2009   4 Comments

A High Carb Diet for Raw Success

Anyone who has ever eaten a meal of raw fruit knows how intensely pleasurable this can be. Fruit requires little to no preparation (all you need to eat a banana is opposable thumbs). It is easy to eat and digests quickly, usually in just 30 minutes. Best of all, fruit tastes great and completely satisfies […]

July 26, 2009   16 Comments

Are You Guilty of Guzzling Sweets?

As a kid, I really loved watching “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”  I bet you a million bucks that I have seen that movie close to twenty times! Like many kids, my favorite scenes of the movie showcased the Oompa Loompas and their awesome songs. Whoever came up with those catchy tunes is a […]

July 24, 2009   2 Comments

Why It’s Easier Than Ever to Do Raw Right!

I feel so old… Did I get your attention? Actually, I feel great! What I mean to say is that I’ve been involved in the raw food movement since 2007.  While that may not seem like a very long time, I have seen some amazing changes take place. Changes that make it easier than ever […]

July 22, 2009   3 Comments